Coronavirus Support

In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, we know that now, more than ever, employers are looking to support their staff on and off-site to help maintain their physical and mental wellbeing.

We've reached out to our partners and created a special collection of free helpful tools to support you and your people on this page. This is an evolving resource vault, so be sure to check back in here again soon.

Melissa Armstrong & Marie Ranson, Founders of Key Wellbeing

As workforce wellbeing experts, Key Wellbeing are well versed in supporting employers to manage the Physical & Mental Health needs of both office and remote workers.

We offer a range of online programmes that are tailored specifically to the needs of employees both on and off-site.

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Calming Guided Meditations

Yoga Sessions

Productive Home Working

Flexibility for Desk Workers

Home Workouts

Mindfulness for Children

Emotional Resilience


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PREMIUM health & wellness support

Now, more than ever, employees are being asked to adapt quickly, whether that be moving into remote working or navigating changes to workplace conditions.

For some, working from home is a dream come true, conversely for others, working from the office can actually provide mental health relief, helpful frameworks and routine.

Understanding the challenges faced by remote workers, Key Wellbeing offer specialised support for you and your people through our 6 and 12 month online programmes.

Our 'Remote Workers Programme' focusses on 4 Key Areas associated with resilience and our ability to adapt to changing environments; Physical Health, Mental Health, Emotional Wellbeing and Training & Development.

Backed by scientific research, professional guidance and led by our qualified instructors and trainers, our virtual support programmes are packed full of audio lessons, webinars, 'how to' guides, instructional video and interviews with our very own professional partners.

Our Remote Workers Programme is 100% online and able to be delivered virtually and on-demand to anyone with a device.

You can email us at to find out whether this programme would work for your business or check out the 'programme overview' below.