Emotional Resilience

Being emotionally resilient means being able to calm our mind and to adapt to stressful and challenging situations - much like we those that we are currently experiencing.

The word ‘resilience’ comes from the Latin word ‘resilio’ which means ‘to bounce back’ or retaliate.

In response to the current health crisis and in an effort to support employees working through this time, Key Wellbeing has connected with their partners across the globe and asked them to prepare and share some expert guidance, specific to the challenges that we are all navigating right now.

Resilience During Crisis

Key Wellbeing partner, Leadership development consultant and coach Felicity Lerouge has created this helpful workbook and guide full of tips and useful exercises to help you to discover your inner resilience during this time.

Whilst we cannot control our external environment, we absolutely can control our responses to it, could it be that this is the key to our happiness?

download YOUR 17 page guide

The importance of understanding our survival responses and identifying our own emotional triggers has never been higher on the agenda than now.

As you move through this 17 page workbook, you'll have an opportunity to complete an emotional audit. Improving our self awareness increases our ability to manage our own emotions.

You will learn how to create habits that support you throughout this time and beyond

Click the image to download your Resilience During Crisis Guide.

Be sure to save and reopen the workbook from your device to ensure that your changes are saved as you work through it.

how to handle big changes in life

Meet Robin Finney. Intuitive & Authenticity Coach, International Model, Writer, owner of Wandering Aunt and a proud partner of Key Wellbeing.

Dallas born Robin sat down for a chat with us and recorded this video in the hope of offering some guidance on navigating life's big changes. As a remote worker of many years, nomad and world traveler, Robin has first-hand experience in navigating and mastering changes as they come her way.

Using the Emotional Guidance Scale, Robin will teach you how to move through your emotions rather than brushing over them.

How to Navigate Life's Big Changes.mp4


As workforce wellbeing experts, Key Wellbeing are well versed in supporting the Physical & Mental Health Support needs of remote workers through our online programmes that are tailored specifically to the needs of employees both on and off-site.

For more details or to request a video consultation, please contact us at: hello@keywellbeing.co.uk or request a video consultation below.