Five Festive Ways to wellbeing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - or is it?

According to the classic Christmas hit, yes. But would your employees agree? A recent study suggests not.

More than half of UK workers have revealed that they would in fact welcome another lockdown this Christmas to give them time to recuperate from months of uncertainty, stress and anxiety. This is said to be due to an overwhelming workload since restrictions were lifted in the summer.

Are your people running on empty? Here’s our festive five ways to wellbeing to share with staff to support them through the holiday season (and beyond!)...


Christmas provides workplaces with a valuable opportunity for colleagues to get together for some well-deserved celebrations after a busy year - but what about those that are full-time remote working?

Whilst Christmas provides some with a valuable opportunity to get together with loved ones, for others it can be extremely lonely. That’s why connection is key.

If you’re fortunate enough to have your nearest and dearest around you, take a moment to accompany others on their lonesome with a simple phone call, video chat or knock on a neighbour’s door.

If you’re feeling isolated don’t forget there’s many amazing organisations and supportive charities just a simple button click away.


'New Year New You' - we’ve all heard this phrase and we’ve probably all said it, but why should we wait until then to kick-start a new fitness regime?

Staying active across the festive season can benefit both your physical and mental health in SO many ways. From boosting our energy levels and helping our brain health to reducing anxiety and even helping us to live longer - research shows that it can improve nearly every aspect of our health from the inside out.

Plus, if you carry out your exercise in the great outdoors it can help to combat that sluggish winter feeling and give you a daylight mood boost.

We’re not saying you should lunge your way down the River Tees bank, just a simple walk can work wonders. If you’re stuck on where to go, check out the favourite walking routes from some of our local businesses.


Again, why wait until the New Year to try something new?

Continued learning through life (at ANY time of year!) enhances self-esteem, encourages social interaction and boosts overall wellbeing.

Learning a new skill at work has been found to not only make you smarter, but to also have a positive impact on brain health by keeping neural pathways active, reducing stress levels and potentially delaying the onset of illnesses such as Alzheimer's.

The Key Wellbeing team recently had a go at indoor rock-climbing and learned that it’s so good for problem-solving, confidence, mental strength and overcoming self-doubt - key traits that can boost employee performance at work.


Gift-giving is an essential part of Christmas, you know that. But did you know the best gift that you can give is your time? Whether that’s to your colleagues, loved ones or through volunteering.

Using some of your time off over the holidays to volunteer for a cause that you feel passionate about can improve your mental wellbeing by providing a sense of reward, giving you a feeling of purpose and helping you to connect with new people.

Stuck for ideas? Crisis for Christmas is just one of the amazing initiatives that you could get involved with to help the homeless.


Keeping calm among the Christmas chaos, surely that's not possible?! Good news, it absolutely is. The powerful technique of mindfulness allows us to pause and take notice of our thoughts, feelings and emotions instead of pushing them aside and letting tinsel, turkey and to-do lists takeover.

Join us this Friday 10th December for a 15-minute feel-good session to unwind, unplug and relax during the hectic run-up to Christmas.

Here at Key Wellbeing we can help your people to become their healthiest, happiest self. To find out more, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!