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25th November 2021

Featured in Tees Business

So how are your staff feeling post-Covid? No – really?

If you don’t know, it makes good business sense to find out, as well as morally being the right thing to do.

And to help, a Teesside firm’s wellbeing assessment tool can accurately gauge employees’ emotions.

Middlesbrough-based Key Wellbeing was formed by Teessiders Marie Ranson and Melissa Armstrong to help organisations to look after their employees’ physical and emotional wellbeing.

And with anxiety at an all-time high for employees as they prepare to return to work or to the workplace, they say it’s crucial organisations listen to the needs of their staff as we move into the ‘next normal’.

Marie said: “The last 18 months have affected everybody, albeit in different ways and companies need to be aware of that and be able to support their people to get back to being happy, healthy and productive at work.”

Their wellbeing assessment tool, she said, means firms aren’t just guessing what their people want and need. Melissa added: “The survey is completed anonymously – meaning that staff can speak openly and honestly about how they are really feeling rather than it being an internal one where people assume their responses are being tracked. People are more likely to be open and to voice their feelings and opinions with an external provider.

“By rolling out an employee wellbeing assessment, companies are seen to be supporting their staff and taking the time to listen to their concerns. In addition, the data can give organisations the early insights that they need to make the right investment when it comes to their employee wellbeing strategy.”

And the wellbeing tool is the latest innovative service from a firm launched just before the pandemic, but which has used the experience of the past 18 months to grow and learn.

Marie smiled: “We’re rolling with an ever-changing world.

“Wellbeing used to be thought of as a ‘nice to have’. But if a firm decides to invest in a wellbeing strategy, they are going to get a good return in so many ways, it’s a ‘win-win’ for both employer and employee.”

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