We've connected with our partners and asked them to record and share some expert guidance, specific to the challenges that we are all currently navigating.

Guided Visualisation for Positive Change

A 15 minute guided visualisation with Asia based Key Wellbeing Partner, NLP master and transformational coach and podcaster Matt Garrow-Fisher.

Designed to enthuse you with positivity and to create the space to consider the opportunities for you now and after we have moved through the challenges represented by coronavirus.

This visualisation is a short 4 step process, firstly, download the accompanying work book here.

You can access the guided visualisation audio track directly below.

Grounding, calming Meditation

A 25 minute guided, restorative, gentle breath-work meditation with energy healer and holistic performance coach, Melbourne Australia based Marissa Downes.

Known as the conduit of contrasts, Marissa’s expertise is born from her curiosity and passion for exploring, integrating and sharing her knowledge of modern science, ancient wisdom and human optimisation practices.

Recorded at night and nice to listen to at any point in the day, this beautiful, guided meditation will help you to calm any mind monkeys, help you to become PRESENT within yourself and your body.

You can access the guided meditation audio track directly below.

Anxiety release meditation

A 15 minute guided meditation to bring you back to centre with Master NLP Trainer, Personal Development Coach and our very own Workplace Wellbeing Guru - Marie Ranson.

Not intended to induce sleep, this short, simple, calming experience can be used at any point throughout the day. We'll be releasing tension, calming the mind and grounding ourselves with this relaxing experience.

Direct access below, get yourself comfy and hit play.


As workforce wellbeing experts, Key Wellbeing are well versed in supporting the Physical & Mental Health Support needs of remote workers through our online programmes that are tailored specifically to the needs of employees both on and off-site.

For more details or to request a video consultation, please contact us at: or request a video consultation below.