It's Our Birthday!

Wow! Key Wellbeing is 1 today!

With wide-eyed excitement, Melissa and I started our biz in Feb 2020 with a simple plan to support local businesses with the health and wellbeing of their employees.

Our plan was to do this via on-site training, lunch and learn sessions, perhaps a spot of yoga and some healthy living workshops.

With 15 years of wellbeing experience between us and separate, successful ventures under our belts, we set off on our earnest mission...

Encouragingly, in a few short weeks, we had interest from large sporting retailers, banks and local industry, what a start! - Or so we thought...

A few more weeks passed, the pandemic was growing around the world and then, the first UK national lockdown was announced.

Workplaces closed, we all began working from home and all group activities were all off.

BAM - back to the drawing board!

After the initial shock, our very next thought was: ‘how can we help’?.

We set about creating a library of free online employee wellbeing resources and gratefully, we were supported in getting the word out there by Tees Business and BBC Tees Radio.

2500 users visited our site in the first 2 weeks and we received great feedback. It felt good to know that we were contributing to the solution in some small way with our mental health and wellbeing content which continued to be frequented. ️

Encouraged by our user data and understanding what resources were really working for employees, we began thinking about building an online platform - though we knew that we would need help at this point...

That’s when we found Digitalcity, who helped us to design and test our ideas, build an online employee platform from scratch and gear up for a soft launch of what would later become ‘The Key Wellbeing Hub’.

From here, we were able to sign up a trial client with 250 employees, this really helped us to hone and further refine what we offered.

For example;

  • We found that people cared more about saving money through our ‘Savings Hub’ than our Healthy Recipes.

  • Men were just as likely to access our fitness content as women.

  • That people of all ages were trying meditation and mindfulness and that ‘Mental Health Awareness’ was our most popular e-learning module.

It was time for us to really start thinking about getting this out there properly and just at the right time, we found the Fuel programme. As a Teesside Uni graduate, I was thrilled to learn about all of the support that we are able to access when launching a new business in Teesside.

Fuel programme and Netminds really helped us to further develop our product, to think deeply about our sales and marketing strategy and to further improve the UX and UI of The Key Wellbeing Hub.

Closing up for the Xmas break, we looked back and could hardly believe how far we had come and through such an uncertain time!

Fast forward another 6 months and we have just signed our first £50k contract. That might not seem like a lot to the established of you reading this but to us, it really means the world and is so encouraging after much, much hard work!

That the local business community are putting their faith in us to look after their people is humbling to say the least. Especially at a time like this with so many of us struggling with mental health and wellbeing challenges.

Closing up for the Xmas break, we looked back and could hardly believe how far we had come and through such an uncertain time!

We really want to thank everyone that has helped and supported us to get to this point, we are so grateful!