key wellbeing turns two!

28th April 2022

Featured in Tees Business

Key Wellbeing, the big-hearted Stockton company which offers on-demand employee wellbeing tools and resources, celebrated its second birthday in February.

The milestone was a special one for founders Marie Ranson and Melissa Armstrong, as the support of Teesside companies over the last 24 months underlines the fact that local employers are taking the physical and mental health of their staff seriously.

“It’s great that employers have empathy with their team and understand that a healthier, happier employee will be more productive at work,” says Melissa.

Key Wellbeing – launched just before the world turned upside down – got off to a great, hands-on start and continued to blossom and grow despite, and perhaps because of, the pandemic.

“I think we can actually thank the pandemic for bringing wellbeing to the top of people’s agendas, as everyone began reassessing their mental health,” said Marie.

Going back to the drawing board when Covid hit and offices closed, the duo came up with some free resources to share with the Teesside business community to help them manage their employees’ mental health.

“We just wanted to help and support in any way that we could,” explains Melissa.

As offices slowly went back, the need for continued support was evident in the amount of companies who subsequently signed up to Key Wellbeing.

“I think people now realise that mental health can’t be ignored, and that it’s important for businesses to let their people know that they are valued, seen, heard and supported,” said Melissa.

Key Wellbeing helps employers to encourage the best outcomes from their workforce by delivering bespoke wellbeing programmes and initiatives.

The Key Wellbeing Hub, a ‘Netflix style’ library with on-demand videos covers everything from finances, fitness, food, to meditation, mindfulness and mental health awareness. With hundreds of hours of wellbeing content, it allows employees to browse anonymously on any device.

“Our mantra is, ‘Our mental health matters, our wellbeing matters, our happiness matters’,” says Marie, “And Key Wellbeing is aiming to create a tidal wave of wellbeing that permeates deeply into the culture of local businesses. After all, it’s the people that make our businesses survive, shine and thrive!”

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