On-Site Experiences

In addition to The Key Wellbeing Hub, (and social distancing permitting!) we can also offer on-site activities such as training, workshops and relaxation experiences.

And our Key Wellbeing Partner Network allows us to incorporate personalised elements into any programme.

Our dynamic, action-packed workshops, one-on-one sessions and 'at work' stress-relieving experiences ensure that your people are feeling at their best every day.

STAFF training

mental health awareness training

This session helps bring awareness, identification and supportive skills on mental health and mental wellbeing. It helps people become comfortable with discussing issues around mental health and how to signpost towards support.

2 - 5 hours - Max 50 People

understanding workplace stressors

As anxiety and stress levels at work continue to rise it’s not only the mental and physical health of those involved that is being affected. Business and organisations are also at risk as stress impacts on their efficiency and profitability and thereby everyone’s long-term security. This course aims to show how the root causes of stress can be dealt with successfully, how you can better cope with stressful situations and how the workplace can be adapted to improve employee welfare.

2hrs - Max 50 People

managing supportive staff conversations

One of the most challenging parts of managing people is initiating conversations around sensitive topics. In this short course you will learn practical and effective techniques to confidently conduct and manage difficult conversations with staff.

3hrs - Max 50 People

workplace wellbeing for managers

Managers will learn to recognise the early warning signs of poor physical and mental health and proactively support themselves and individuals who may need assistance. The course enables managers to create a positive wellbeing culture in the workplace that allows mangers and their teams to thrive at work.

Half Day Training - Max 30 Per session

mental health first aid

This program helps to raise awareness of common mental health illnesses, ability to spot the warning signs of mental ill health and the confidence to enable people to support positive wellbeing for themselves and others to help aid recovery. Our sessions are designed to reduce stigma through education and increase the provision of care for those who have a mental illness in the workplace.

Half to Full Day - Cost per Head

building and maintaining resilience

Our resilience training gives leaders the skills and confidence to inspire and support themselves and their team to reduce stress at work and create a positive working environment for all.

2hrs - Max 50 People

Physical Health

workplace yoga

Our yoga classes are suitable for everyone regardless of age or physical fitness, as they can be adapted to make sure that all feel welcome and are able to enjoy. Your yoga teacher will introduce you to the basics of yoga postures, healthy alignment and breathing techniques so that you can reap the many benefits. Yoga helps to improve strength and flexibility, reduces inflammation in the body, reduces muscle tension, perfecting posture, decreasing blood pressure, and makes you feel great!

Or why not try desk yoga?

let's get active

Our Personal Trainers will get you moving to become more physically and mentally fit. Physical exercise helps to reduce stress by regulating the release of cortisol. After exercise, our stress hormones drop and stress and anxiety fade away, leaving us in a more relaxed state for the rest of the day. Regular exercise helps to strengthen our physiological resistance to stress making us more resilient.

walk & talk

One to one with a fully trained wellbeing mentor or group walks providing a safe, non-judgemental time for individuals to discuss their mental and emotional wellbeing . Its also a great time to enjoy the outdoors and get re-energised for an afternoon of productive work.

Mental Health


Our meditation sessions are designed to bring focus back to the body and breath, to help improve concentration and reduce stress. Meditation sessions allow us to take time in the day to focus on the body and controlling our breathing helps to train the mind to focus better and therefore, reduces levels of stress and anxiety. After your session you will return to your desk feeling calmer, more relaxed and energised.

time to talk

Sometimes all that is needed is a listening ear with zero judgement. These confidential sessions allow staff to drop in and chat about anything that is concerning them. Discussions are focussed on our approach to the problem and not the problem itself, these sessions are a firm favourite in our programmes.

CORPORATE mindfulness

Mindfulness is maintaining the ability to be fully present in the moment and bring an awareness and acceptance of our thoughts and feelings without judging them. Particularly helpful in the workplace, mindfulness can help to reduce stress and restore productivity.

Lunch & learn sessions

Our lunch and learn speakers are here to support, educate and encourage your employees to become more open minded, emotionally responsible and to de-stress. Topics include stress management, mental heath awareness, LGBT, finance management, smoking cessation, nutrition, confidence and even style tips!

Relaxation Experiences

Seated massage

Seated massage can be preformed in a specially designed chair (provided) or even at your desk. Using different massage techniques can help alleviate physique mental tension which in turn helps manage and prevent back, neck and shoulder pain. After this quick treatment employees can return to work feeling motivated and revitalised.


Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary therapy promoting relaxation and wellbeing. It is preformed on either the feet or hands using different ranges of movements and pressures that are said to correspond with different areas of the body to help you to release tension, dissolve stress and leave you feeling rebalanced.


Reiki can be preformed seated, (we ask for a quiet room) and can help to aid relaxation and assist in the body's natural healing processes. It can also help people to cope with difficulties, relieve emotional stress, and improve overall wellbeing.

indian head massage

Indian head massage is used to relax and unwind and can help focus the mind. Specific massage techniques are used on the scalp, neck and shoulders to target areas of stress and tension, leaving you feeling re-energised and ready to move calmly on with your day.

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