Mental Health


Our meditation sessions are designed to bring focus back to the body and breath, to help improve concentration and reduce stress. Meditation sessions allow us to take time in the day to focus on the body and controlling our breathing helps to train the mind to focus better and therefore, reduces levels of stress and anxiety. After your session you will return to your desk feeling calmer, more relaxed and energised.

time to talk

Sometimes all that is needed is a listening ear with zero judgement. These confidential sessions allow staff to drop in and chat about anything that is concerning them. Discussions are focussed on our approach to the problem and not the problem itself, these sessions are a firm favourite in our programmes.

CORPORATE mindfulness

Mindfulness is maintaining the ability to be fully present in the moment and bring an awareness and acceptance of our thoughts and feelings without judging them. Particularly helpful in the workplace, mindfulness can help to reduce stress and restore productivity.

Lunch & learn sessions

Our lunch and learn speakers are here to support, educate and encourage your employees to become more open minded, emotionally responsible and to de-stress. Topics include stress management, mental heath awareness, LGBT, finance management, smoking cessation, nutrition, confidence and even style tips!

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