Do we really want to be known as 'Burnout Britain'? Burnout is a workplace problem that has recently been recognised as a chronic condition by the World Health Organisation. Our working environment can have a huge impact on our mental health and equally, mental health can have a significant impact on personal performance and our ability to work effectively.

Mental health problems in the UK workforce cost employers almost £35 billion last year, according to research published by Centre for Mental Health.

41% of employees who had informed management of their work related mental health concerns say that no action was taken.

2 in 5 employees have experienced poor mental health due to work.

Only 13% of those in middle management have attended specific training on mental health.

A whopping 66% percent of women report that they have mental health concerns or conditions as a direct result of work.

79% of LGBTQ+ people are particularly likely to have experienced poor mental health where work was a cause or a contributing factor

24% of employees who have experienced poor mental health due to work cited bullying or harassment from a manager as a cause

A shockingly small 5% of employees state that any financial guidance and support was available through their workplace - one of the main culprits of workplace stress.

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